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Not Just A Restaurant…
Its An Experience
Yemen’s unique flavors.

Mandina Restaurant brings together the grandeur of the setting, the authenticity of Yemeni cuisine, and delight. Our diverse savory cuisine is offered in an upscale home atmosphere with a warm welcome.

We are pioneers, having embraced the last fifty years of work experience with Mandina Restaurant, which has been passed down through generations of experience.

The two key factors that will ensure the promotion of our well-being as individuals and as a society are distinctive selections of our traditional food and hospitality. As a result, we’re thrilled to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience with each dish

We choose to bring the flavors of Yemen and the Middle East to Australia’s largest small town, Mandina Restaurant. Each dish is made extraordinary by our enthusiasm for cooking and appreciation for the flavors of our forefathers. ​

We use Yemenite pastry made by hand, Middle Eastern spices, hand-picked fresh ingredients, and free-range, organic, and local vegetables. ​

Mandina Restaurant

Merges Yemeni and Middle Eastern traditions with the Australian ambiance. Mandina restaurant is not just a restaurant. It is an experience. ​When you come to visit us, you will be immersed in a genuine atmosphere fueled by a love of traditional cuisine and culture. Every bite of our food, we believe, brings people together and forges lifelong bonds.